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Our product is PAPAYA Tainung, which is produced all year round. This variety has high demand since its fruits are of round and oval appearance with red pulp of excellent quality and sweetness (11 ° - 12 ° Brix). The net weight per carton is 33 lbs, with calibres of 8 to 14 units per box and a shelf life of 15 days.

The processes of field management of our crops, as well as manufacturing in a packing plant are carried out under all the safety standards required by the international markets.

RAHINK S.A. Exports PAPAYA under the brand MAYAFRESH.



We produce white corn of the following varieties:

- DEKALB 390

We also produce yellow corn of the following varieties:

-DEKALB 6088


Our entire production process, from sowng to harvest, is done in a mechanized way to obtain better quality and yield.

Yellow Passion Fruit

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Production of high quality yellow passion fruit, qualified for export.
Presentation in:
- Fresh fruit
- Pulp with seed
- Pulp without seed

The characteristics of the product meet the quality standards in weight, size, shape and maturity, providing a unique flavor with added value.

The content depends on its presentation, which is sold as fresh fruit in cardboard boxes of 10 and 15 pounds, and as pulp from 1 to 4 pounds.

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