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In recent years, papaya production has become more important, that's why we have numerous hectares where we harvest export quality fruits, which has led us to export to important markets in the United States.

global g.a.p. certification

GLOBAL GAP is a global standard for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) recognized by the World Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), applicable to different products, capable of covering the globality of agricultural production, reducing the risks of said production and providing a tool to objectively verify best practices in a systematic and consistent manner.

Today, new production techniques are needed that reduce the impact of crops on the environment, the use of chemicals, and make the use of natural resources more efficient, while safeguarding the well-being of both workers and farm animals. .

For both consumers and distributors, the GLOBAL G.A.P. It is a guarantee that the food meets the established levels of quality and safety, and that it has been prepared following sustainability criteria, respecting the safety, hygiene and well-being of workers, the environment, and taking into account the respect for animals.

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